A message from Pastor Mark Seifried regarding the COVID-19 State of Emergency:

Our Sunday 10:30 am services will be on our Facebook Page and WebEx until further notice. We have suspended Wednesday night Community Suppers and closed the Thrift Store until the state of emergency has been lifted. Food distribution from the Allston Brighton Food Pantry will no longer happen at the church. We are currently working on a system to deliver food baskets. If you would like to be on the delivery list for the food pantry, please call or email the church office (see email and phone number below). We have been grateful for volunteers who have come from different organizations to help us keep going. I am most grateful for your resilience and support. It feels like the Holy Spirit is blessing us.

Why I'm Here

"What I like about the church is that it is people helping people. That’s what brought me here. It’s a community of friendship, love, and hope."  --  Dave   

"I felt at home immediately. Everyone was really sincere. No one pressured me to like this place or to join, but they just immediately incorporated me into the everyday life of the church."   -- Melissa

"Both of us feel that the Brighton Allston Congregational Church is a warm and supportive church with an exceptionally friendly congregation. That feeling has been especially evident in times of crises which we have been through and are going through at this present time. Marjorie has been a member for 30 years—since 1980—and John came three years later after meeting his wife-to-be."   -- Marjorie and John