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Thank you for your support!

We are grateful for any and all donations to the church. They allow us to keep the lights on and continue to provide stewardship and caring. During the year, there are opportunities to donate to UCC causes that provide aid and support around the world.

Donations to Brighton Allston Congregational can be made to:

Brighton Allston Congregational Church, UCC

404 Washington Street

Brighton, MA 02135

To donate to the Allston Brighton Food Pantry, please click here for information.  

Giving Your Time & Talents

The Food Pantry always appreciates help, especially in the summer, when student volunteers from local schools and universities are away for the summer.  You can read more on the Volunteer section of the AB Food Pantry website.  

The Thrift Shop can use help accepting and sorting donations, generally during its operating hours. We accept donations of gently used small household items and clothing. We cannot accept computers, computer components or furniture of any kind. 

You can also connect to the wonderful community groups that meet at the church.  Check our What We Do page for a list of some of the groups that meet here.

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