Brighton Allston Congregational Church, UCC | 404 Washington St, Brighton MA 02135 |

Office: baccoffice AT | Pastor: markseifried AT | Church: 617-254-4046


Every Sunday morning we meet at 10:30 to sing gratitude to God, to pray and share joys and burdens, and to find creative hope and sacred love in our lives. After the service, we have great conversation and refreshments. Expect to be welcomed and (we hope) nourished, inspired and challenged!

Come as you are and you can expect:

  • a worship bulletin outlining the flow of the service
  • new and ancient hymns and prayers
  • poetry and readings from scripture
  • a short sermon of about 12-15 minutes
  • Communion on the first Sunday of the month
  • information about the upcoming week's events.
  • piano music and often clarinet, cello, saxophone or organ music

What you won't find:

  • judgmental people, rigid dogmas or beliefs, or a dress code
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